Users who wish to view all their past tickets or to reopen a ticket, can do so through through their account. This article walks you through how to do that.

Alternatively, you can reply to the email thread of the ticket and that will reopen it as well. 

1. Login to your Support Desk portal.

If you don't have an account yet, please start here: "Creating a Support Desk Account"

2. Click on Check Ticket Status

3. Click the drop down arrow next to Open or Pending.

4. Choose Resolved or Closed

5. Select the ticket you'd like to view or reopen from the list. 

6. If you'd like to reopen the ticket, from within the ticket details and activities area, click Reply.

If the ticket is an older one, it may be in the 'Archive' section (see screenshot above). Please note, you cannot reply to a ticket that has been archived, but you can still see all the ticket activities.