Withdrawal Steps    

1. Users with permission will see the new floating action button located in the lower right corner of the Cash Balance Report.

2. Click on the Withdraw Cash button

3. Enter the amount of funds to withdraw and click the Withdraw button

4. Confirm the amount to withdraw

5. The amount limit for withdrawing will be determined by how much is in the Clients Cash Balance and their Minimum Cash Balance. In addition, there could be funds that are not available to withdraw because they have recently been funded and haven't been deposited in the ConnexPay account yet.

Withdraw limit = Cash Balance - Minimum Cash Balance - Pending Funding Deposits

6. Once Complete, this will kick off an API request to Ribbit to deduct the funds from the ConnexPay Account and deposit the amount in the clients DDA on file from boarding. 

7. The line item will then be entered in the Cash Balance Report as Bank A Withdrawal and the Cash Balance will be updated to reflect the withdrawn amount.