You can copy others while opening a ticket. In order to do so, you must login to your Support Desk account.


Step 1: From the Bridge portal, click on the Help button.

Step 2: Within the Support Desk, click on LOGIN.

Step 3: Within the Support Desk portal, click on Open A New Ticket.


Step 4: Fill out the form.

  • Enter your business email address and press TAB key.

  • Enter your name.


  • Click Add cc and enter the email(s) of the people you wish to be notified of the ticket's creation.

    • Add multiple cc emails separated by a comma.

Step 5: Press Submit.

  • Once you’ve clicked Submit, an email will be sent to both the primary recipient in the Business Email field, and to any email recipients you’ve included in the CC field.
The email to the CC recipients(s) will include the Description from within the ticket you submitted to the Support Desk.

Your Customer Engagement Specialist will contact you with an update, via email, shortly after you open the ticket.