The Chargeback Management System (CMS) is ConnexPay’s comprehensive solution to respond to chargeback disputes raised against the merchant.


Main reasons for chargebacks

  • Customer is dissatisfied with merchandise or a service
  • Customer never received the merchandise or service
  • The return/exchange policies were not clearly visible
  • Customer never authorized the charge (or can’t remember)
  • A duplicate charge or a recurring charge doesn’t stop
  • Currency conversion rates are unexpected

Documents to include when submitting a dispute

  • Copy of invoice
  • Copy of ticket/itinerary
  • Copy of terms and conditions the customer agreed to
  • Positive AVS (address verification) response
  • Add a brief summary that breaks down what happened or a unique situation or additional details as relevant to the case

NOTE: When submitting documents, please ensure the copies are legible/large enough, black and white print, and in portrait mode. 


Best practices to avoid chargebacks

  • Use clear payment descriptor (include company name and customer service number)
  • Make cancellation policy, rebooking policy, terms and conditions legible and clear to understand (Cancellation policy and terms and conditions must be clearly listed at time of checkout, it cannot be a link)
  • Require a customer to acknowledge the cancellation and refund policies prior to purchase completion
  • Use secure payment methods
  • Implement Kount rules/ Fraud Mitigation software
  • Provide customers with ways to communicate before a complaint/dispute turns into a chargeback and provide a prompt response