API Overview

Our Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to access all functionality of our platform. The most current API structure and endpoints are available in the CXP Online API Documentation found here

Sales API Overview 

The Sales API provides the ability to process an incoming sale (most commonly from consumers) that will ultimately fund an outbound virtual card payment to a supplier. 

The Sales API provides the ability to process an incoming Sale (most commonly from consumers) that is used to fund an outbound purchase (via Virtual Credit Card or ACH Purchase). The Sales API allows various tender types to be accepted; all common Credit Card brands, ACH Payments and Cash sales (funded by your cash or reserve account). 

This section details all the different requests and responses related to processing and managing the actions related to credit card acceptance and ACH processing. 

For more detailed topics related to Sales API, check out our Sales API reference materials:


Purchases API Overview 

You can use our API to access all the functionality of our Purchases platform. 

All endpoints for the API are available on our sandbox. You can also view code samples in the right section of the screen. 

We have code samples on different programming languages and we can also assist you with JSON samples, should you need further help don’t hesitate to contact your relationship manager. 

When getting ready to develop your API to issue virtual cards, be sure to use the correct Issue endpoint: 

1. If you are creating a credit or ACH sale and then issuing one or many virtual cards for that sale, you will call the Issue Card endpoint (docs here) 

2. If you fund your virtual cards with a cash account, you don't need to first create an associated sale. If this is the case, you will want to call the Issue Lite endpoint (docs here )  

For more detailed topics related to Purchases API, check out our Purchases API reference materials: