Invoice Process Enhancements

ConnexPay is excited to introduce improved monthly invoicing. This new format streamlines the invoice process, provides access to your sales and purchases data in one attachment, and allows you to access monthly invoice details directly inside the Bridge portal.

Via Email:

Your October invoice for September activity includes a fresh look for the summary page, and the attachment combines all Credit Sales fees, Purchase rebates and fees, and any other applicable fees within one easy-to-use document.

Through Bridge:

Monthly invoice details will also be available through your secure Bridge login, allowing you to easily sort and filter all invoice data in one location. Users with a Bridge login will see the new Monthly Invoice option under Reports. However, please keep in mind that access to the monthly invoice is restricted. If you don’t see the Monthly Invoice option but need access, please reach out to your ConnexPay Customer Engagement Specialist. In the coming days, we’ll provide you with more detailed information on the features of the Monthly Invoice report through Bridge.

We appreciate your partnership. Please reach out to your Customer Engagement Specialist if you have any questions.

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